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Farm Shop

Downingbury Farm shop is a great place to stock up on all sorts of fresh produce from the farm, as well as a wide selection of carefully chosen local food and drink products from across the area. The shop has expanded greatly in recent years and now sells fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, preserves, cakes, chocolate, apple juice, wine and ale, and an extensive deli range. The wide variety of products has made Downingbury Farm a popular shop to visit for many necessities as well as luxuries.

Now you can stop for a coffee and a piece of cake in our café. It is the perfect place to meet your friends over a cuppa or just take a break while you are doing the shopping. In the warmer months we open up the double doors and you can sit in the sunshine, enjoying the farm view, while the children play with our outdoor toys. 

At Downingbury farm, our philosophy is simple:

  • Where possible, produce is locally sourced.
  • If we can't get local then it's British.
  • We only sell foreign produce when we cannot get British produce.
  • We support British farming.

That is why we are proud to support a whole range of local producers from Kent and Sussex, promoting local industry and reducing the food miles in its transit.

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