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Looking after your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees sold by Downingbury Farm are Nordman fir Christmas trees. This species of tree is excellent at retaining its needles indoors, and should last right over Christmas if you follow this simple set of instructions:

  1. When you get your tree take it out of its netting to let the branches settle. Stand it in the cold outside until you want to put it up inside.

  2. Cut 3cm from the tree's base with a saw before setting it up (similar to cut flowers) to increase its potential to take up water.

  3. Buy a water-holding Christmas tree stand or use something else, like a bucket, which can hold plenty of water.

  4. Top up the water regularly.

  5. Don't expose your real Christmas tree to sources of heat such as radiators or electric heaters. Air conditioning is undesirable too as it removes water from the tree.